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Double Live Volume

Double Live Volume CD image.

CD 1

  1. Out Like A Hero/ Like a Star
  2. Heaven Meets the Earth
  3. Will we ever win?
  4. New Leaf
  5. My Jealous Shadow
  6. Complete Catharsis
  7. Head over Heels
  8. Two Ravens
  9. Glide More
  10. Souled (lyrics ::: download mp3)
  11. blether
  12. East Coast
  13. Rodeo
  14. Always Awake

CD 2

  1. Asleep at the Wheel
  2. Be Satisfied
  3. Everything Falls
  4. Easy Way
  5. Mhairi
  6. Part of Something
  7. Solsista
  8. Feed on Me
  9. NAFGO
  10. Commemoration
  11. the Pool
  12. Will we ever win? (...again)

total running time: 1h 51m


Souled (with Stuart Clark on djembe drum)

i choose the darker paths to be with you still
you are the one i'd allow to kill
just so i'd be together at my end
alone with you my darling friend

i got faith in . . .

you who allow me to be as i be - i got faith in
a doorway into sensitivity - yeah i got faith in
accommodating understanding free - hell i got faith in
though i may form my own reality

i got faith in you

standing as we are is perfect bliss
the world should aspire to such as this
hold care over my carelessness
you who allow for my openess

i got faith in you

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