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forth album cover
  1. Glide More (lyrics ::: download mp3)
  2. Like a Star
  3. New Leaf
  4. Head over Heels
  5. the Pool
  6. My Jealous Shadow
  7. Complete Catharsis
  8. Two Ravens
  9. Aftermath
  10. Watchers

total running time: 40m


Glide More

bring happiness into your life
cultivate good care and see that no harm comes to
the ones you meet, love or leave behind
come out the dark and trust these arms to support you

when you glide more man, when you glide more
yeah when you glide more man, yeah when you glide more

it’s only one step back to our path
no matter how far we go in mind or body
and if you worry your actions are observed
by those who are dead or who are spying through their web-cam just you glide more man

coz you can glide more
yeah just you glide more man, coz you can glide more

and i’ll not fool myself that i am wholly kind
coz in the brightest light my shadow follows closely behind

i hope that happiness comes into your life
that you’ll hold to inner truth attain the way that surrounds and
may our road to heaven be paved with good intention oh
and lit up along the way by lights from several dimensions

then we’ll shine more man,yeah when we glide more
oooh glide more man and avoid the ups and downs
just glide more coz it’s no fun coming down

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