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live band substance

Live Band Substance CD cover.
  1. Will we ever Win?
  2. Asleep at the Wheel
  3. Easy Way
  4. intros
  5. Part of Something
  6. NAFGO
  7. Solsista (lyrics ::: download mp3)
  8. Glide More
  9. Always Awake
  10. Souled
  11. O.L.A.H./ Like a Star
  12. Heaven Meets the Earth
  13. Cooking on a Riff
  14. East Coast
  15. web addresses
  16. New Leaf

total running time: 64m

the G: voice, harmonica, guitar
Norman Lamont: bass, b/vox
Nelson Wright: percussion



i'm gonna let you out of prison coz you've been there too long
try to give you what you need and see that you get strong in the sunshine
i know it's not as easy as forgive and forget
but i cannot remember the last time that we met out in the sunshine
it's all quite safe this is a trouble free zone
and you'll be ok even out on your own when the sun shines
it's my concern you're maybe too far gone
and still i regret my going on and on

aaah solsista

the animals i watch 'cause they don't think so much
seems a good way to be just keeping in touch with sunshine
one of these days i'm gonna let go myself
dust down my clothes run and jump off the shelf into some sunshine

aaah solsista

silent as a flame the double edge of blame
seeks a righteous victim's troubled heart to claim and end his sunshine
but i'll give back what's yours and start to open up doors
doze and be woken up on foreign shores bathed in sunshine

aaah solsista

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